The Computational Brain Anatomy (CoBrA) Laboratory is located at the Cerebral Imaging Centre at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute (Verdun, QC, Canada; affiliated with McGill University). Our laboratory is interested the anatomy of the brain and how it matures through adolescence, how it stays healthy through the normal ageing process, and how alterations in brain anatomy are related to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and neurodevelopmental disorders such as schizophrenia. To do so, we use and develop sophisticated computation neuroanatomy techniques that are able to automatically parse the geomtric complexity of brain anatomy. Our group is a multi-disciplinary group of neuroscientists, computer scientists, engineers, and physicists all working towards a common goal of improving our understanding of the structure-function relationships of the brain through health and illness. We publicly disseminate much of the algorithmic and atlas work that we do in an effort to promote open and reproducible science.

Congratulations to our lab leader on winning the 2016 CCNP Young Investigator Award!

Congratulations to our lab leader Dr. Mallar Chakravarty on winning the 2016 Young Investigator Award from the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology. Dr. Chakravarty will be receiving his award at the 39th annual CCNP meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check out the press release.

We’re going to SfN's 45th annual meeting in Chicago!

The Cobra Lab will be at the Society for Neuroscience’s 45th annual meeting in Chicago from October 17-21. The meeting is “the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers.” The 4-day event is the world’s largest meeting in neuroscience, with over 30,000 attendees from around the globe. Five of our lab members will be presenting posters and our very own Dr. Gabriel Devenyi will be giving a talk on his work on structural trajectories of healthy aging in cortical thickness and subcortical morphometry. Check out our abstracts. For more information about SfN and the meeting, check out their website.

Camp Cobra!

The Cobra Lab recently descended upon Kamp Kanawana in Saint-Sauveur for its first annual lab retreat. We spent the two days reviewing our accomplishments of the past year as well as brainstorming future directions for research. It was not all business however; there was plenty of time for tomfoolery and ballyhoo. We canoed and kayaked, played games around the campfire and of course, ate smores. The weather was unseasonably warm which made jumping (read falling) into the lake all the more enjoyable!

Congratulations, Rob on winning the IPN Returning Student Fellowship Award!

M.Sc. student Roberto Amaral recently won the Returning Student Fellowship Award from McGill University’s Integrated Program in Neuroscience. The $10,000 award will go towards supporting Rob’s research investigating new ways of identifying hippocampus output pathways in both Alzheimer’s disease and healthy aging for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Congratulations to our lab leader on winning the FRQS Junior 1 Scholar award!

Congratulations to our lab leader Dr. Mallar Chakravarty on winning a Junior 1 ‘Chercheur Boursier’ scholarship from the Fonds de Recherche Santé Québec for the year 2015-2106. The scholarship will support research on the neuroanatomical basis of risk for psychosis among unaffected siblings. Check out the press release, and for information about our research on pyschosis, check out the abstract.