New Hippocampal White Matter Atlas!

Check out our recently developed hippocampal white matter atlas created by Robert S.C. Amaral. This atlas includes the full anterior to posterior segmentation of extra-hippocampal white matter tracts (i.e. alveus, fimbria, and fornix). Our freely-available 5 high-resolution MRI atlases have been derived from a reliable and detailed manual segmentation protocol. Moreover, these white matter atlases can be used in complement with the hippocampal subfield atlas previously developed in our lab. For more information about this atlas, check out our atlases webpage or to download it, click here.

In addition, implementation and validation of these white matter atlases on our automatic segmentation pipeline, MAGeT Brain, was used to analyze the trajectory of these hippocampal white matter regions in both healthy aging (OASIS dataset), Alzheimer’s disease, and mild cognitive impairment (ADNI) cohorts. For more information regarding segmentation protocol, reliability, validation, methods and results see the pre-print version of our article.