Congratulations to Saashi on receiving a HBHL Fellowship!

M.Sc. student Saashi Bedford was awarded a Training Award from McGill University’s Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives program, which aims to train top students at the graduate and post-doctoral level from across disciplines and around the world. With the support of this award, Saashi will address the heterogeneity in autism spectrum disorder by performing a large-scale examination of alterations in cortical thickness, with a specific focus on sex differences, using a large, multi-site structural magnetic resonance imaging dataset and state-of-the-art computational and statistical analysis techniques to account for inter-site differences in image acquisition and testing methods. This work will be an important first step in the development of biomarkers for ASD, and will further our understanding of heterogeneity and individual variability in neurodevelopmental disorders, which can in turn improve early detection and allow for individualized and targeted interventions.