Alexandra Talpalaru

Alexandra Talpalaru I am a Master’s student in the Biological & Biomedical Engineering faculty at McGill University and I started working in the CoBrA lab in September 2016. My current research will focus on biomarker development and diagnosis of brain pathologies using pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms. My previous academic experience consists of an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering which I received from Simon Fraser University in BC. During my undergrad I gained research experience by working with the medical image analysis laboratory (MIAL) and with the behavioural and cognitive neuroscience institute (BCNI). My projects involved developing models to study cortical thickness in relation to Alzheimer’s disease, and magnetoencephalography signal processing in the study of brain development. In my free time I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, trail running, movie watching, coffee and eggnog.