Alice Leclercq, B.Sc.

Alice Leclercq, BSc.

Alice (pronounced A-lees) joined the lab as a research assistant in March 2019. She is currently working on a collaborative project with the PEPP clinic at the Douglas, looking at the risk factors for psychosis by comparing cognitive, behavioral, and MRI data from patients with first episode psychosis, siblings of patients with first episode psychosis, patients at high risk for psychosis, and healthy controls.

She completed her BSc. at McGill university in Psychology and Spanish. During her undergrad she worked in the Raz lab investigating the influence of set, setting, and contact high in placebo psychedelic settings. She also co-founded The Empathy Journal, an online platform for students to openly speak about their struggles with mental health.

Outside of the lab she likes to spend her time cooking, reading, and soaking up the sun!