Charles Lagace

Charles Lagace I’m an undergraduate student at McGill in the department of Neuroscience. I currently work in the CoBrA Lab as part of a summer project. My goal is to implement AWoL-MRF, a method for label fusion first developed by Nikhil Bhagwat, in the MAGeT-Brain segmentation pipeline.

I think that now is a good time to study neuroscience, since there are a lot of new techniques and tools that can potentially discover the mysteries of the brain. I’m also interested in computer science, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. I believe that some of the greatest technological advances of this century will be achieved with a deep understanding of how the brain works coupled with some artificial networks that can mimic or even enhance our brains. I hope that my knowledge and experience in neuroscience and programming will lead to some impactful discoveries in the future.